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    I’ve conceived the financial education program because I want to give back something from what i’ve received.
    What you will learn:
    -to do your financial statement correctly;
    -to learn and to master financial education principles;
    -to put your money to work for you;
    -to be more financial intelligent;
    -your personal time management;
    -your personal money management;
    -human resources management;
    The period for theory will not be larger than 90 days. You must study approximately 2500 pages A5, and this is mandatory;
    It suppose at least 1 hour daily personal study, and weekend discussion;
    Practicall activity means a quizz for you to take and to establish your personal goals and the path to them.

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    Stating and completing this form I declare that I understood the terms, I\'ve accepted them, I will folow the financial education program and I will pay 299 euros or equivallent.

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