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    “I think everyone of us has his financial inner genius. The issue is to discover it and wake it up.  It is sleeping because we were taught that money is “devils eye” and is the root of all evil. We were encouraged to learn to work for money but nobody taught us how to put money to work for us. We were taught not to worry about our financial future because the firm or the state will take care of us at retirement age. However, our children, educated in the same sistem will end to pay our retirement.”

    Robert Kiyosaky

    If your financial future maters, for you and your family, then you will read forward on this site. If you don’t care about your financial future or your wealth then leave this site right now!

    If you already know what cashflow is, what personal budget is, what assets and liabilities are, in practical language not in accounting or accountants language, if you are not interested in your financial future, then leave this site right now!

    If not, then you have all motives to learn and to read further.