• Why financial education



    Why financial education?

    Because the lack of financial education goes to financial problems. If you already have a financial problem you need solutions for it.

    The lack of money not necessary creates financial problems but the lack of financial education sure does.

    It is very easy to learn simple principles of financial education in order to solve financial problems.

    In Romania, the financial education doesn’t exist at all in any school. Therefore I’ve considered usefull to everyone to learn and understand a few of basic financial education principles.

    But before learning principles here are some of my personal motives to learn financial education:

    -I want more money for me and my family

    -I spend money and I want to make more money

    -I want a holliday at Burj Al Arab in Dubai

    -I want to educate my children at the most valuable universities in the world

    -I want to retire in the early 40-ies, by the way I have only one more year till then

    -And the list could continue…

    Everyone of us has it’s own motives to learn financial education therefore the first step on it is to set personal goals…