• How to make money


    This question exist for many people in the world today. More than 90% of them made money from their own work. It is the most common way to make money for almost everybody.

    Another way is to open a business which generates profit.

    Investing in an operational and profitable business it is a way to make money too.

    Before you start your own business or invest in existing businesses you must learn the principles of financial education, you must understand financial management principles, human resources management principles and personal time management principles.

    If we observe the definition of “capitalist” there are some element here:

    The owner of the money, his money or other people money or bank’s money. Then there is plus valor, obtained by the capitalist without his direct intervention in the process. That really means he doesn’t work for the profits, he just takes the profits.

    Detailining the question “How to make money?” we see:


    Human resources=



    What it takes to master all the elements and make your money? A big deal of information and personal effort, conscient and sustained for a long time.

    Generally, in all learning processes we start from theory. What you will learn here it’s a bit different because at the ending of the process you will be capable to understand money circuit and why is crucial to master it.

    It will not be an easy way and nor understood by all. Many will quit before doind something. It’s difficult because all of us want subconciously to be taken care by anyone else for the rest of our lives. Don’t we all want the same thing?