• What it takes to go rich?


    First of all, you have to identify what’s your general financial situation!

    First situation:
    -I have no income, I have expenses, a lot of debt, I’m living, but I want to eliminate all my debt and go rich
    Second situation:
    -I have some income, I have expenses, debt also, I live decently but I’m not growing at all
    Third situation:
    -I have some income, I have expenses, no debt at all, I live good, I accumulate something but I don’t know what to do further to go rich, or I want to learn to invest and not to work for money
    Forth situation:
    -I have income, expenses are ok, no debt at all, I’m using credit instruments, I live very well, accumulate a lot, I want to grow much more, I want to understand investments inside and to grow more
    The fifth situation:
    -Practically it’s the place where you want to be financialy speaking.
    Where my money work hard for me and I don’t

    Correctly identifying my financial situation, practicaly I clearly identify my financial problems. It is the first step if you want to go rich.

    The next step in the process is Planning.
    For this you will complete the form which you can download after registering. If you don’t identify your situation clearly then you sure need financial education.