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    Divine properties in mirific mountain zone, 1000m altitude, near forest ~ 100 m, 20000 square meters can be divided in 25×750 square meters properties, build holliday homes for retreat & minihotel 5*, trout nursery, ecologic food, fresh and the most clean air from all Europe.

    -Investment needed – will be spent as folows:

    -33% to buy the land, assuring the 26 properties for build

    -50% to build first 10 properties and sell them

    -27% in reserves for other opportunities

    Investment recovery made at the first 10 properties sold till the end of the first year. Every property sold after the 10th property generates 100% profits.

    Investors will be guaranteed with mortgage upon constructions and land.

    The main bussiness is in real estate combined with recreational tourism, mainly in mountains, near Vatra Dornei city, Suceava County, Romania, also called “Little Switzerland”.

    -There is a piece of divine land near forrest, there are squirrels in the forest, with water source, can be build trout nurseries, electricity and asphalted road already there, 20000 square meters, away from traffic, noise an other stress factors.

    -This can be divided in 25 properties each 750 square meters and to build 24 holliday homes, 50-150 square meters each, for the cost of 30000 pounds each.

    -We can sell or rent the properties for recreational tourism.

    -We want to build a minihotel, 25-30 rooms, 5* quality, ecological, mainly wood.

    -We do have all the teams required for this project, the market is good now, we can buy the landscape at a minimal cost, we can build very fast, 1-2 months for 4 properties (holliday home).

    -We will build first 10 properties at 33% cost and sell them at least at 66%.

    -The competition is very low and the request for recreation & tourism is very high, this year between 1-3 May there was an occupational grade to 89% in the area, and in winter practically there is no place unrented.

    We can also rent holliday home properties, in this case the return is about 15% per year.

    We can combine the two possibilities, sell and rent. First 10 properties sold for capital gain an investment recovery plus 100% profits, last 14 properties for rentals to generate cashflow.

    The minihotel can be the diamond on the crown due to its pottential for tourism. The zone here is excellent for tourists, the air is fresh and clean, roads ar good, there is a great ecological food pottential, human resources are cheap, the entire area is mirific.

    We do have the teams in place to pursue this project in order to make good profits.

    Email: mihailiucemilalexie@yahoo.com .

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